About Us

The Firm

Firmino Enterprises is engaged in the following commercial activities: 


  • Event/Conference design, production and management.
  • Marketing and Public Relations.
  • Client representation at trade shows.
  • Procurement and management of sponsors, exhibitors and supporters.
  • Production and publishing trade journals and newsletters designed for each client.


Specifically, the Firm organizes superlative conferences throughout various industries. We offer complete organization and management of conferences and events as well as comprehensive Marketing, Public Relations, Advertising Campaigns and Sponsorship/Exhibitor Procurement to ensure their success. We are dedicated to providing high-quality events distributing the latest information, through state-of-the-art, unparalleled didactic sessions, workshops, and unique face-to-face networking opportunities and through live broadcasts received around the world.

Headquartered in Miami, Florida, Firmino Enterprises has grown to produce many successful events annually with a global impact. 


What Makes Us Different 

Our conferences offer a combination of didactic session, hands-on workshops, speaker panels, one-on-one meetings, live transmissions and roundtables discussions to ensure that the right information is delivered in the right format. All our conferences are led by industry leaders.

We rely on our role as a client partner, binding our client’s success with our own. Firmino Enterprises guarantees that each conference delivers unique opportunities for professional attendees to foster mutually beneficial relationships with their peers. We create networking arenas and forums that elevate the conference experience for the participants. 

Our History

Founded by Riccardo Firmino in 2001, Firmino Enterprises started by procuring several clients from the prestigious University of Miami School of Medicine to handle their Continuing Medical Education. Through this initial success, the Firm quickly advanced and is now positioned as a key player in the industry. As the company expands, Firmino Enterprises is now diversified, with more conferences in different industries such as finance, government, education, luxury, etc. As part of the Firm’s expansion, in 2016 it created a fully-owned subsidiary in Medellin, Colombia, to support the quickly expanding conference market outside the United States.