Our Talent

Riccardo Firmino, is founder and President.His responsibilities include chief-level client relationship and leading management of the development, production and execution for conferences, marketing strategies and publicity programs. Mr. Firmino has an extensive background in these areas, as well as an acute knowledge of continuing education for professionals. Mr. Firmino holds a Master's degree from the University of Miami, Coral Gables, Florida. 

Miguel Ángel Albarracín Osorio, is The Comercial Manager.He is responsible for client development and client relationship management as well as the design, management and execution of marketing initiatives for the Firm and its clients. He has ample experience of all aspects of customer administration as well as marketing and client relations. Mr. Albarracín Osorio’s credentials include Administrador de Empresas, Universidad Francisco de Paula Santander.

Robert Marulanda, is Senior Conference Director.He has extensive experience in conference, event management and top customer service, including direct liaison with VIP's, dignitaries and political figures at conferences, as well as expert liaison with security forces such as the US Secret Service for full protection of dignitaries. Mr. Marulanda holds Associate of Arts and Computer Science degrees from Miami-Dade Community College , Miami, Florida

Marinell Richardson, is Director of Creative Events.She is responsible for the unique artistic design, production and execution of these initiatives for conferences and marketing/publicity programs. Her background includes work for the high-powered law firm of Holtzman Equels in campaigning, fundraising and production of special events. Ms. Richardson specializes in pro-active media campaigns - always achieving a symbiotic relationship between publicity public relations and advertising. Additionally, she is an accomplished and published author of local, national, and international magazines. Ms. Richardson holds a Baccalaureate degree in English and Psychology from the University of Miami, Coral Gables, Florida.