Design and Production of Events

Firmino Enterprises located in Miami Florida and Medellín Colombia, creates and develops large-scale events, including festivals, conferences, ceremonies, parties, concerts, formal or conventions. We focus directly on the study of the brand, the identification of the target public, the elaboration of the concept of the event, the planning of the logistics and the coordination of the technical aspects before its launch.

Firmino Enterprises offers you the design and production of events through innovative strategies that will allow your company to achieve the desired success. We analyze the main needs of your project through a highly professional and personalized service, which guarantees the correct management of your goals, making you highly competent and allowing you to achieve your goals.

For the design and production of each event we take into account even the smallest details, generating for your company an innovative solution that will allow you to achieve total success of your project, thanks to the experience of Firmino Enterprises in planning, marketing, image management And public relations.

The digital society in which we develop requires fast and large-scale results. Productive companies, aware of the importance of the messages that should be sent to their publics, hire the services of agencies such as Firmino Enterprises in order to reach their potential clients in a clear, coherent and strategic way, by retaining them and obtaining high level growth Of sales of its products and services through extremely superlative conferences and events.

We offer your company the advice and the ideal strategies to achieve the result and growth you want thanks to our qualified design and production of events. Develop your campaigns in a professional way and obtain as each of our clients results of success in the shortest possible time. Our team of human talent made up of business managers, logistics, graphic designers and community managers make Firmino Enteprises the best choice for programming and conducting your conferences and events.

Firmino Enterprises becomes your best ally, we offer you the commitment, the talent, the passion and the dedication of our work group, and innovative techniques, guaranteeing you a highly qualified service that will allow you to carry out each one of your Strategies of an expert and dynamic way, thanks to the use of the last know-how, with which we execute each one of the projects to which we commit ourselves.

The planning and coordination process of the event includes budgeting, scheduling, site selection, acquisition of the necessary permits, transportation and parking, loudspeaker or organizer organization, decoration, security, catering and Emergency plans.

We cover events of all sizes, from Olympic Games to business breakfasts. Many industries, charities and interest groups are our main clients, who look to us for the celebration of their events in order to build business relationships, obtain funds or celebrate the achievements.